Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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- Now contains more than 50000 photos and 500 video clips -
Photo sizes are in high quality 1600x1200 (older sets in lower resolution).
Video clips are 720x576 (older clips in lower resolution) and DivX encoded for high quality.
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Valeska2 Valeska (29 photos) 19.02.2015
True barefoot girl Valeska just loves walking the streets without shoes. In this photo set she is wearing a french pedicure on her toes and shows off her dirty bare soles.

Anne6 Anne (20 photos) 19.02.2015
Anne loves to pose for the camera. In this photo series she is barefoot outdoors on a sunny warm day and shows you her soft bare soles and natural toes.

Norma videoclip 9 Norma (videoclip 3:51 min) 19.02.2015
Norma vacuums the carpet first in black pumps, then in fishnet stockings and later barefooted. She is also wearing a short black skirt, which looks pretty sexy.

Madeline4 Madeline (38 photos) 12.02.2015
More of gorgeous tall blond barefoot girl Madeline. This time she is at a music festival and shows off her large feet and great looking red toes & dirty soles in between the tents & stalls.

Valentina + Alice 2 Valentina and Alice (24 photos) 12.02.2015
Blue-eyed beauty Valentina and her barefoot friend Alice are near the harbor of Venice. Both girls love to show their filthy soles. The photos were taken by The Feetosopher from Italy.

Zoe videoclip 25 Zoe (videoclip 2:18 min) 12.02.2015
Zoe uses her feet to squish and crush a bunch of ripe bananas to a pulp under her perfectly pedicured pink toes and lovely soft soles.

Katharina2 Katharina (26 photos) 05.02.2015
New model Katharina is dressed elegantly in her summer dress and two different paris of sandals, which she then takes off to present her lovely pedicured toes and silky bare soles.

Lily videoclip 6 Lily (videoclip 2:10 min) 05.02.2015
Lily is outdoors in the park on a red blanket with some colourful balloons. She shows off her soft soles and then steps on the balloons to make them pop under her orange pedicured toes.


Janina (27 photos)

Gorgeous Janina is barefoot out in the city and shows you her super gorgeous long toes and dirty soles. At one point a random dude was staring at her feet and we shot some pics with him.

Giselle5 Giselle (29 photos) 29.01.2015
More of beautiful Persian beauty Giselle. In this set she has her nails polished bright pink and is wearing some sexy open-toed heels, which she later takes off to show you her bare feet.

Emily video clip 17 Emily (videoclip 3:56 min) 29.01.2015
In this crush clip Emily flattens a couple of empty plastic bottles and plastic cups with her perfectly pedicured bare feet.

Heidi + Leni 2

Heidi and Leni (38 photos)

The two barefoot friends Heidi and Leni are out in the streets of the city and both are barefoot in jeans with pedicured toes, dirty soles and foot jewellery.

Anika3 Anika (20 photos) 21.01.2015
Anika shows you her clean smooth soles and pink polished toes (which fit perfectly to her pink dyed hair) while outdoors in the park. Also a couple of pics in flip flops.

Mara + Layla videoclip 12 Mara + Layla (videoclip 3:26 min) 21.01.2015
Lovely Mara was in for a crush session in our studio when her friend Layla spontaneously visited her and joined in on the fun. In this clip they crush cucumbers, tomatoes and bananas.


Soraya (26 photos)

Persian beauty Soraya is outdoors and shows off her perfectly pedicured neon-orange toes, her long legs and those slighty dirty soles. Make sure to check out this cool photo set.

Eyluh + Uma 2 Eyluh and Uma (25 photos) 14.01.2015
The two barefoot friends Eyluh and Uma put on a foot show in the Old Castle of Verona on a warm srping day. These photos were taken by The Feetosopher from Italy.

Crystal videoclip 4 Crystal (videoclip 3:00 min) 14.01.2015
A classic clip showing sexy Crystal using her long toes and slender bare feet to pop a couple of balloons outdoors at the university.

Pia2 Pia (20 photos) 08.01.2015
Due to popular demand blonde hardcore barefooter Pia returns with her second photo set, showing off those tough, dirty, black soles out in the city.


Judy (20 photos)

Judy is outdoors and wearing black leather sandals, which she slowly takes off to reveal her soft soles and red polished toes.

Heike videoclip 12 Heike (videoclip 4:37 min) 08.01.2015
Heike is lying barefoot in our photo studio and presents her beautiful soles & toes while wearing an elegant dress which also shows her smooth legs.

Katja15 Katja (33 photos) 23.12.2014
Dirty hardcore soles-show. Real-life dreadlocked barefoot girl Katja is in the city and sticks her lovely bare soles into the camera lens, while wearing sexy bell bottom jeans.

Liyah13 Liyah (35 photos) 23.12.2014
A new photo set of exotic beauty Liyah and her gorgeously pedicured orange toes in sandals, flip flops and barefooted on a gorgeous summer's day in the harbour.

ChatNoir + Kea 1 Chat Noir and Kea (16 photos) 23.12.2014
Chat Noir and Kea have fun together by the Adige river in Verona, and stick their tough dirty soles right in your face. All photos shot by The Feetosopher from Italy.

Hilka videoclip 10 Hilka (videoclip 3:29 min) 23.12.2014
This clip is usually sold as "Hilka's Toe & Soles Show" in our video clip. You get to see sexy Hilka's lovely bare feet, soles and toes outdoors on a beautiful summer's day.

Dita videoclip 5 Dita (videoclip 8:53 min) 23.12.2014
Here's a long video clip of Dita walking barefooted on an old cemetary, a park and on the street. She gets her soles nice and dirty and is wearing foot jewellery as well as a french pedicure.

Amber videoclip 16 Amber (videoclip 5:26 min) 23.12.2014
Here's a five minute video clip in which Amber uses her pretty blue pedicured feet and toes to crush some juicy strawberries to a pulp.

Paloma9 Paloma (26 photos) 17.12.2014
These pics of amazing Paloma were shot during one of the visits of The Feetosopher. She is out exploring the city and is of course barefooted with dirty soles and perfectly polished toes.

Carmen videoclip 8 Carmen (videoclip 2:28 min) 17.12.2014
Elegant Carmen crushes some bananas with her red polished toes and under powerful soles. At the end she also shows you her wet soles with the fruit mush stuck to it.

Tammy videoclip 2 Tammy (videoclip 2:17 min) 17.12.2014
While we were filming hardcore barefooter Tammy outdoors in the city she decided to pop some squishy balloons with her beautiful bare feet and dirty soles.

Lo5 Lo (31 photos) 11.12.2014
Punk girl Lo is barefoot in the streets of the historic part of our city and is wearing a perfect mint-green pedicure on her gorgeous toes as well as leopard-pattern leggings.

Emmy2 Emmy (25 photos) 11.12.2014
Emmy is the sister of Nova and shows off her lovely smooth bare soles in this set. Her toes are polished dark red and she is outside on a beautiful summer's day.

Alyssa3 Alyssa (20 photos) 11.12.2014
More of dirty-soles and barefoot-in-jeans girl Alyssa, straight from Italy and shot by none other than The Feetosopher himself ;-) This time he captures her pretty feet at a railway station.

Nova4 Nova (40 photos) 03.12.2014
Lovely Nova continues to walk around barefoot outdoors in the city and gets her natural bare feet nice and dirty. In this set she is directly in the shopping street.


Janina (27 photos)

Gorgeous Janina has been traveling around in Asia and India and sent us some photos of her lovely bare feet. This third collection of pictures was taken in Koh Phangan.

Zoe videoclip 24 Zoe (videoclip 2:45 min) 03.12.2014
Zoe uses her feet to squish and crush a bunch of juicy green cucumbers to a pulp under her perfectly pedicured pink toes and lovely soft soles.

Franzi3 Franzi (42 photos) 26.11.2014
Red dreadlocked hippie Franzi loves walking barefoot and shows her dirty soles and colourful pedicured toes while outdoors on the deserted railyard.

Tonga + Kea 2 Tonga and Kea (25 photos) 26.11.2014
Lovely Kea and her friend Tonga both explore the city Mantua/Italy in their bare feet with black, dirty soles. All these photos were taken by the one and only The Feetosopher.

Mara videoclip 11 Mara (videoclip 4:48 min) 26.11.2014
Sexy Mara vs. the army. She uses her gorgeous feet to crush a bunch of toy military vehicles. Mara has her toes polished red and is wearing foot jewellery and wedge sandals.

Anchor4 Anchor (27 photos) 19.11.2014
Anchor is a hippy-punk barefoot girl from our city and a true barefoot queen who is never seen with shoes in the streets. She really loves to pimp up her toes and feet ;-)

Suse4 Suse (29 photos) 19.11.2014
Lovely Suse has some amazing looking feet with super cute pink polished toes and lovely soles. Here are a couple of photo of her first with clean feet that gradually turn dirty.


Yella (24 photos)

Yella is outdoors and barefoot in jeans. She has a cluster of colourful balloons and uses her natural bare feet to squish and stomp them all until they have popped beneath her.

Manila1 Manila (21 photos) 12.11.2014
Please welcome Manila and her cute bare feet. She was introduced to us by Sheila and In her first photo series she has her toes polished in multiple colours and is barefoot in the city.

Pia1 Pia (23 photos) 12.11.2014
Pia is a blonde barefooter whom we first met at a festival in our city. In her first photo set she is wearing red nail polish and shows off her dirty, rough soles out on the street.

Olga videoclip 5 Olga (videoclip 3:40 min) 12.11.2014
This is one of our most popular clips from the C4S clip store. It is called "Olga`s Awesome Toes and Soles pt. 3". It shows her lovely long tanned legs, beautiful pedicured toes & soft slender soles.

Madeline3 Madeline (21 photos) 05.11.2014
More of gorgeous tall blond barefoot hippy girl Madeline. She shows off more of her large feet and great looking toes & dirty soles out in the city and on the street.


Nora (32 photos)

Another gallery of barefoot queen Nora and her tough feet & soles. This time she is out in the park and in the city to present her dirty rough soles and natural bare toes.

Sharona3 Sharona (24 photos) 05.11.2014
Punk girl Sharona is outside on a beautiful sunny day and shows off her bare soles and red polished toes in wooden-leather sandals.

Katja14 Katja (21 photos) 25.10.2014
Dirty hardcore soles-show. Real-life dreadlocked barefoot girl Katja is in the city and sticks her lovely bare soles into the camera lens, while wearing sexy bell bottom jeans.


Silvi (22 photos)

Blonde foot model Silvi has her toes polished in red and shows off her soft soles on a scorching hot summer day. You get to see her soles in various positions and her red toes.

Lil3 Lil (18 photos) 25.10.2014
Another new photo set of Lil, the hardcore barefoot woman who introduced her friend Ira. This time she shows off her dirty black soles out in the city.

Britta4 Britta (16 photos) 25.10.2014
Britta is outdoors and pops a large red balloon under her natural bare feet. Her foot sinks into the soft rubber and the camera captures the moment when it explodes with a loud bang.

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