Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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- Now contains more than 50000 photos and 500 video clips -
Photo sizes are in high quality 1600x1200 (older sets in lower resolution).
Video clips are 720x576 (older clips in lower resolution) and DivX encoded for high quality.
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Leneke (24 photos)

Blonde Leneke ist outdoors in a small park in this photo set and shows off her long toes and slender soft soles. Her toes are polished with dark, shiny polish.

Elsa2 Elsa (25 photos) 01.03.2013
Elsa loves walking barefoot outdoors and shows off her dirty soles in photo gallery in the city. Make sure to check out her lovely natural toes, dirty soles and strong legs.

Amber videoclip 11 Amber (videoclip 2:50 min) 01.03.2013
Great clip of Amber barefoot in jeans and showing off her lovely soles and toes. You get to see them close-up. This is usually sold in our store as "Amber's Sole Show pt. 2".

Stefania10 Stefania (30 photos) 01.03.2013
Another great photo set of Italian barefoot model Stefania shot by the great Feetosopher. In this set she walks barefoot in jeans in the city and shows off her natural toes and dirty soles.


Janina (21 photos)

Lovely Janina shows you her super long, elegant and french pedicured toes outdoors and later on her red polished toes in sandals in front of a luxury hotel.


Lucinka (20 photos)

Hardcore barefoot model Lucinka continues walking around in the city and shows off her dirty, hard soles while she is on the roof of a parking garage.

Olga videoclip 3 Olga (videoclip 3:29 min) 21.02.2013
This is one of our most popular clips from the C4S clip store. It is called " Olga`s Awesome Toes and Soles pt. 1". It shows her lovely long tanned legs, beautiful pedicured toes & soft slender soles.

Saya + Judith videoclip 6 Judith and Saya (videoclip 0:28 min) 21.02.2013
A sweet clip showing Judith & Saya stepping on some balloons in an elevator at college -- they are both barefooted.

Anchor2 Anchor (23 photos) 14.02.2013
Anchor is a hippy-punk barefoot girl from our city and a true barefoot queen who is never seen with shoes in the streets. She really loves to pimp up her toes and feet ;-)

Salma + Molly videoclip 3 Salma and Molly (videoclip 1:25 min) 14.02.2013
This is a classic crush clip showing the two friends Salma and Molly each simultaneously crushing some grapes with their bare feet out in the park in public.


Selene (20 photos)

Sexy Selene walks barefooted in Venice on a sunny Autumn day in October. Her beautiful dirty soles were captured by The Feetosopher from Italy.


Nicolette (12 photos)

Foot model Nicolette is from the USA and stayed over in our city for a couple of weeks. She has some lovely pink toes and in this set she shows you her feet in sexy wedge sandals.

Lo2 Lo (25 photos) 06.02.2013
Swedish punk girl Lo is barefoot in the streets of our neighbourhood and has her cute toes pedicured with sparkly blue polish, which fits perfectly to her blue dyed hair.

Zoe videoclip 19 Zoe (videoclip 3:18 min) 06.02.2013
Here are some close-up views of Zoe's delicious looking soles and perfectly pedicured toes. She is sitting on a chair while the camera is down on the floor and films her tender feet.

Ananda videoclip 2 Ananda (videoclip 1:25 min) 06.02.2013
Ananda has her toenails polished pink and crushes empty plastic bottles barefooted and in leather sandals out in the park


Nikki (20 photos)

Nikki looks great with her multi-coloured dreads, black leg warmers and her cute bare feet looking out. She has her toes polished in different colours as well and shows off her feet and soles outdoors.

Franky2 Franky (23 photos) 01.02.2013
Franky is dressed in her business outfit and is barefoot. She has rough & tough soles and tests them out on the gravel and various surfaces in the deserted railyard.


Apple (23 photos)

In this photo set sweet Apple plays with two large soccer-balloon, kicks them around and then jumps on the one with her bare feet and slowly crushes the other one until it pops.

Violacea + Ermione 3 Violacea and Ermione (20 photos) 01.02.2013
Barefoot theatre actresses Violacea and Ermione get quite naughty and put on a crazy “avantgarde foot fetish drama” at the harbor of Venice. All the photos were taken by The Feetosopher.

Kendra7 Kendra (30 photos) 23.01.2012
It is a hot summer's day and Kendra is in the park and downtown in the city --- she is wearing flip flops and soon presents her bare feet, soft soles and sparkly blue polished toes.

Sina + Mina2 Sina and Mina (22 photos) 23.01.2013
The two barefoot friends Sina and Mina continues walking around barefoot in the city. They show off their natural feet in jeans and present their dirty, wrinkly soles.

Mara videoclip 5 Mara (videoclip 2:26 min) 23.01.2013
Lovely Mara crushes a couple of cardboard boxes in her pink flip flops and barefooted. Her strong feet look lovely with sexy foot jewellery and polished toes.

Etoile videoclip 2 Etoile (videoclip 2:04 min) 23.01.2013
Cute barefoot hippy girl Etoile walked through the city and now wants to pop a few balloons on the pavement with her pretty bare feet.

Indra + Vivian3

Indra and Vivian (36 photos)

More of our two hippy barefoot girls Indra and Vivian. Be warned: They are both really hardcore and so are their bare feet, because they walk around barefoot almost the entire year.

Francesca12 Francesca (29 photos) 16.01.2013
Francesca shows off her prefectly pedicured long toes in flip flops and sandals, as well as barefoot -- all while strolling around in the city and in the park.


Yella (25 photos)

Yella is outdoors on a bright summer`s day and shows you her natural, unpolished bare feet, toes and soles, as well as her high arches. She is wearing jeans and silver foot jewellery.

Lara3 Lara (11 photos) 16.01.2013
Lara is outdoors in jeans and shows off her sexy red polished toes in her Havaiana flip flops.


Tania (29 photos)

18-year-old Tania from Chile is outdoors and presents her clean bare feet in jeans. She gives you a taste of her sweet polished toes and her soft soles.


Rabea (21 photos)

24/7 hardcore barefoot punk-girl Rabea is a friend of Katja, Indra and Vivian...which means her soles and toes are extremely tough and dirty. You have been warned ;)

Anne4 Anne (29 photos) 09.01.2013
Anne loves to pose for the camera. In this photo series she is barefoot outdoors and first plays around with some balloons and then pops them by sitting on them.

ChatNoir1 Chat Noir (19 photos) 09.01.2013
Chat Noir enjoys a sunny October day while waiting barefooted for her train at Mestre railway station. She generously displays her long sexy feet. These pics were shot by The Feetosopher.


Kira (25 photos)

Beautiful Kira is outdoors on a chilly autumn day and presents her soles in various poses, and her lovely pedicured toes first in wooden sandals and then barefooted.

Nova2 Nova (20 photos) 03.01.2013
Lovely Nova continues to walk around barefoot outdoors in the city and gets her natural bare feet nice and dirty.

Denise videoclip 4 Denise (videoclip 4:12 min) 03.01.2013
A cute classic clip of Denise walking through the park in her black flip flops with sparkly purple polished toes and foot jewellery. She also sits down on a bench to show you some close-ups.

Jasmine video clip 14 Jasmine (videoclip 3:41 min) 03.01.2013
Jasmine crushes a chocolate cake and some crunchy biscuits under her pretty french-pedicured feet.

Sunny6 Sunny (26 photos) 22.12.2012
Sweet long legged Sunny shows off her soft soles and her blue polished toes outdoors in the park on a beautiful summer's day. There are also a couple of photo in open-toed sandals.

Gin3 Gin (27 photos) 22.12.2012
More of gorgeous Gin walking barefoot in the city. Here she shows off her large feet and long toes, as well as her dirty soles. She also squishes some soft tar in the middle of the street.

Suse2 Suse (19 photos) 22.12.2012
Lovely Suse has some amazing looking feet with super cute pink polished toes and lovely soles. In this photo set she slowly squishes a large balloon barefooted until it pops.

Etoile videoclip 1 Etoile (videoclip 9:21 min) 22.12.2012
A 9-minute-long clip showing barefoot hippy girl Etoile walking though the city. She had been walking barefoot for weeks during summer and loved feeling the street beneath her soles.

Mara videoclip 4 Mara (videoclip 5:09 min) 22.12.2012
A classic clip with Mara and her gorgeous bare feet. in this video she squishes, stomps and plays around with a soft, inflatable rubber ball. She tries to pop and evtually uses her sandals.

Zoe videoclip 18 Zoe (videoclip 4:19 min) 22.12.2012
Zoe crushes some Christmas sweet under her beautiful bare feet. There are even two large chocolate Santa Claus that she pulverizes and crushes to pieces.

Angelina9 Angelina (24 photos) 13.12.2012
Angelina has her toes pedicured in bright pink-orange and is wearing lots of foot jewellery as well as barefoot sandals. You get to see her in city and in a park during a warm summer day.

Amanda3 Amanda (22 photos) 13.12.2012
More photos from blonde beauty Amanda. This time she heads to the harbor of Venice on a cloudy autumn day and shows some close-ups of her dirty soles. All photos were shot by The Feetosopher.

Lily videoclip 5 Lily (videoclip 4:20 min) 13.12.2012
This clip is usually sold in our video clip store as "Lily walks in her pink flip flops". She has her sexy feet perfectly pedicured and is wearing some pretty foot jewellery.

Isa + Denise videoclip 3 Isa and Denise (videoclip 1:15 min) 13.12.2012
This is a classic crush clip showing the two friends Isa and Denise each simultaneously crushing a juicy kiwi in their flip flops and then crushing one barefooted on the floor.

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