Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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- Now contains more than 50000 photos and 500 video clips -
Photo sizes are in high quality 1600x1200 (older sets in lower resolution).
Video clips are 720x576 (older clips in lower resolution) and DivX encoded for high quality.
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Tia20 Tia (17 photos) 17.10.2007
Beautiful blonde Tia simply looks stunning as always as she sticks her lovely and tender bare soles into the camera for you to view.


Emily (44 photos)

Here`s a big photo set of Emily outside in a park. Her gorgeous looking toes are polished in creamy pink and she gives you a look at her soles, high arches and those perfect toes.


Lily (24 photos)

Lily is outdoors in pink flip flops with her long toes polished bright red and decorated with foot jewellery. She takes off those shoes and lets you look at her soft soles.


Evey (25 photos)

Evey has been walking barefoot outdoors and now shows you her dirty black soles. She also plays around on a playground and gives you more looks at her cute feet.


Norma (30 photos)

Norma looks beautiful in her black and white polka dress and with her black polished toes. She is barefoot on a playground and sticks her sweet soles into the camera while on the swing.


Montana (22 photos)

Montana loves showing her feet to the camera. Here are some photos of her at the university...she poses on a chair and on a flight of stairs. Her toes are polished bright blue.

Chicca1 Chicca (20 photos) 11.10.2007
Blonde beauty Chicca strolls around barefoot in Venice railway station and gives you a glance at her pretty feet and dirty soles. All pictures shot by the talented Feetosopher from Italy.

Lessien + Zoe 5 Lessien and Zoe (30 photos) 11.10.2007
Lessien are both up on a tree in the park and show off their soles and brightly polished toes. They also play a bit of hacky sack barefooted with a small ball.

Luca3 Luca (16 photos) 04.10.2007
Sweet Luca gives you a sole show while she is outdoors in the park on a bench. She spreads her toes and wrinkles her soles while being barefoot in jeans.


Salma (18 photos)

Salma is really talented when it comes down to making her own beautiful looking pedicures. In this photo set she shows you more of her delicious looking toes and soles.

Lisa14 Lisa (27 photos) 04.10.2007
Lisa sits on a park bench and shows off her natural toes and sweet soles. There are also some photos of her in black/red flip flops while standing on a tree trunk.

Celina10 Celina (17 photos) 04.10.2007
Celina is barefoot in jeans outdoors on a blanket. She has her pretty toe nails polished bright red and spreads some lotion over her legs, feet and soles.


Crystal (24 photos)

Crystal walked around barefoot at college (see her clips in our store) and found a chair outdoors which she uses to show her beautiful toes and slender soles.

Violacea1 Violacea (24 photos) 28.09.2007
Violacea walks barefoot in Verona from the Old Castle near Adige river to Bra square in downtown, and shows off her black polished toes and black soles. Photos by the one and only Feetosopher.

Sofie videoclip 4 Sofie (videoclip 3:28 min) 28.09.2007
This clip is usually sold in our store as "Sofie Crushes Grapefruit with her Bare Feet". Sofie turns a large grapefruit to pulp under her purple polished toes.


Angelique (18 photos)

Angelique is our 100th model. She is a great looking young lady who walks barefoot a lot and thus has really tough soles. In her first set she shows off her red polished toes and slightly dirty soles.


Verena (25 photos)

Please welcome our latest barefoot model Verena. She loves walking barefoot in summer but this day was freezing cold...which didn`t stop her from leaving her shoes at home.

Jasmine videoclip 1 Jasmine (videoclip 2:37 min) 21.09.2007
Jasmine slowly removes her blue stockings, plays with a pink balloon under her bare feet, shows off her soles and then jumps on the balloon to pop it.


Alicia (18 photos)

Another great photo set of Alicia and her gorgeous soft soles. In this set she removes her colourful flip flops and gives you some close-up view of her beautiful bare feet.

Jeannine22 Jeannine (36 photos) 13.09.2007
Jeannine is barefoot on a blanket in the park and starts to lotion her beautiful slender feet. There are also some photos of her delicious feet in golden heels while dangling her shoes.

Zoé19 Zoé (43 photos) 13.09.2007
In this set Zoe slowly takes off her skate shoes and socks and then presents her bare soles and natural bare toes. She also dips her feet into a nearby lake.

Sofie13 Sofie (28 photos) 13.09.2007
Sofie has her cute toes polished pink and is outdoors in open-toed sandals, and later barefoot. She shows off her arches, toes and sweet soles.

Anna + Laura 13 Anna and Laura (32 photos) 05.09.2007
A great photo set of Anna and Laura`s delicious looking feet in in various poses while they are outdoors on a blanket. Both girls have toes and arches to die for.

Judith6 Judith (24 photos) 05.09.2007
Barefoot in the city pt. 5 -- Judith had been walking around barefoot in the city and now shows you the result... her dirty soles. Also some photos of her sparkly blue polished toes.

Carmen19 Carmen (12 photos) 05.09.2007
Goth model Carmen is outdoors in a park and dressed to kill. She is wearing a business suit complete with white shirt and a tie, and then removes her shoes to show off those bare soles.

Jenny8 Jenny (28 photos) 05.09.2007
Jenny poses her dark polished toes and her soles on a park bench and up on a tree -- she is wearing jeans, a white top and in some pictures leather sandals.

Eva6 Eva (33 photos) 05.09.2007
Eva had been walking barefoot in the park and shows you her dirty soles and her polished toes. Nice close-ups of her wrinkly soles.

Paloma1 Paloma (26 photos) 28.08.2007
Paloma is our latest barefoot-in-public model with awesome looking toes and soles. In her first set she is wearing two barefoot sandals and a silver ring on her big toe.

Trishelle1 Trishelle (21 photos) 28.08.2007
Trishelle is a new foot model originally from the Philippines and has some of the most beautiful toes and fingers on the entire web ;) Just check out those sparkly pink polished toes.

BarefootTrio1 A barefoot trio (21 photos) 28.08.2007
Today`s photo series by The Feetosopher features the three barefoot girls Coby, Annika and Irie at the train station showing off their pretty polished toes and dirty black soles.

Ronja1 Ronja (38 photos) 16.08.2007
Ronja is a hardcore barefoot girl who loves walking the streets without shoes and socks. In her first photo gallery she is barefoot in the harbour and shows off her black soles and pretty toes.

Tina1 Tina (31 photos) 16.08.2007
Please welcome our latest foot model Tina, a real hardcore punk complete with awesome tattoos and piercings. In this set she starts off in her flip flops but soon takes them off to walk barefoot.

Amber videoclip 2 Amber (videoclip 4:35 min) 16.08.2007
This clip is usually sold in our video clip store as "Amber`s Foot Worship". Watch Enrique sucking Amber`s beautiful long blue polished toes.

Tatjana1 Tatjana (22 photos) 09.08.2007
Our latest foot model Tatjana is great fun to work with and loves showing off her red polished toes. Here she is barefoot on the steps of a city building.

Sheila1 Sheila (32 photos) 09.08.2007
Sheila is a friend of Vikki`s and also has lovely long dreadlocks. She loves walking barefoot in summer so this first set shows her out on the streets without shoes and socks.

Tia19 Tia (26 photos) 09.08.2007
Tia puts on some sexy black heels with the help of her friend Bianca, and then shows off those lovely legs and french pedicured toes.

Hilka3 Hilka (16 photos) 09.08.2007
More barefoot photos of blonde beauty Hilka and her pointy feet and wrinkly soles, while she is lying on a park bench.

Tammy2 Tammy (22 photos) 09.08.2007
Real-life barefoot girl Tammy is outdoors in the park and shows off her tough natural bare feet and soles.


Alicia (23 photos)

Please welcome our latest foot model Alicia, a tall young woman with beautiful long slender toes and gorgeous soft soles. In her first gallery she is outdoors in flip flops and barefoot.


Vikki (22 photos)

Vikki is our second new model this week and she has some lovely and extremely soft soles, plus great looking blonde dreadlocks. Also check out her great looking bead anklets.

Michelle videoclip 1 Hanna (videoclip 4:32 min) 04.08.2007
This clip is usually sold in our video clip store as "Hanna`s Sole Show".


Janina (38 photos)

Due to popular demand here`s another gallery of Janina and her beautiful long toes, this time polished with french pedicure. She walks barefoot in public a lot, so her soles are VERY tough.

Ketty1 Ketty (20 photos) 27.07.2007
Another great gallery by The Feetosopher. This time you get to see Ketty, a beautiful Italian girl with awesome looking feet walking barefoot in the train station of Venice.

Salma + Jade videoclip 1 Salma and Jade (videoclip 4:41 min) 27.07.2007
These two 18-year-old friends have their first crush experience and start off by stepping on four hard apples with their beautifully pedicured feet.


Janina (22 photos)

Please welcome Janina, another wonderful model at Toes-in-Action. She is 19 years old, has an awesome style and incredibly gorgeous long toes. In this gallery they are painted bright pink.


Nadia (39 photos)

Nadia is a new mature foot model from Colombia and her beautiful feet are very well taken care of. She has extremly soft soles and pretty pedicured toes, and works as a pedicurist.


Emma (26 photos)

Emma, the lady with the extremly high arches, is sitting on a park bench and showing off her pink toes in flip flops and later on her bare soles.


Tania (19 photos)

Tania is our latest foot model. She is 18 years old and is originally from Chile. In this photo set she has her sweet small toes polished bright orange and decorated with foot jewellery.

Mara5 Mara (29 photos) 12.07.2007
In this set you get to see Mara`s perfectly pedicured red toes in blue jeans shoes and in black open toed sandals as she crushes a cigarette.


Malina (19 photos)

Malina is a new real-life barefoot model. She is tall, blonde and has feet in European size 44, plus some really tough soles. Enjoy this first photo series of her natural bare feet.

Barbara + Penelop videoclip 1 Barbara and Penelop (videoclip 3:27 min) 12.07.2007
Both girls are barefoot outdoors in the park and give each other a foot rub with lotion.

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