Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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- Now contains more than 50000 photos and 500 video clips -
Photo sizes are in high quality 1600x1200 (older sets in lower resolution).
Video clips are 720x576 (older clips in lower resolution) and DivX encoded for high quality.
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Kendra1 Kendra (26 photos) 23.07.2008
New foot model Kendra arrived with beautiful french pedicure which she had made for her prom dance. In her first photo set she is outdoors on a statue showing off her feet in flip flops & bare.

Lady D 1 Lady D (20 photos) 23.07.2008
Lady D is a gorgeous looking woman from Italy who loves walking barefoot. In her third photo set she is outdoors in the city and her soles black & dirty. The pics were shot by The Feetosopher.

Allegra videoclip 2 Allegra (videoclip 7:38 min) 23.07.2008
Here is another video clip that Allegra`s husband made of her while they were on a boat trip in Egypt. There are scenes in her rubber diving suit, swimming and close-ups of her pretty feet.

Francesca + Brit 1 Francesca and Brit (22 photos) 14.07.2008
Francesca and Brit are two 18-year-old friends with gorgeous looking feet and legs. They have their toes polished red and orange and show off their toes in black leather sandals.

Lotta3 Lotta (24 photos) 14.07.2008
Barefoot in the city pt. 3 -- Blonde beauty Lotta is barefoot outdoors on the street and shows off her dirty soles and pretty toes in different situations.

Heike13 Heike (30 photos) 14.07.2008
Heike is up on a tree in her black leather sandals, then takes them off and dangles them and then shows you her bare soles and toes on the lawn.

Ruby1 Ruby (20 photos) 09.07.2008
Ruby is our latest foot model and has a great style as well as some extremely attractive looking feet with long slender toes and perfect soft soles. She is wearing black polish.

Cadiz1 Cadiz (26 photos) 09.07.2008
Cadiz is a brand new 24/7 barefoot girl at Toes-in-Action and just loves walking the streets without any shoes & socks, as her hardcore soles prove. Her toes are polished multi-colour.

Zoé21 Zoé (30 photos) 09.07.2008
Zoe takes off her white sneakers and white tennis socks, and then shows her firetruck red toes and great looking bare soles.

Sunny1 Sunny (20 photos) 25.06.2008
Sunny is our latest model at Toes-in-Action and starts off with a great outdoor photo set. Make sure to check out this girl`s great smile, beautiful long legs and attractive silver wedge sandals.

Alexis3 Alexis (22 photos) 25.06.2008
The Feetosopher from Italy strikes again, this time with a new set by Alexis and her fantastic looking bare feet & dirty soles out on the streets of Venice.

Angelina4 Angelina (28 photos) 25.06.2008
Attractive Angelina is out in the park and shows off her sweet orange painted toes in her heeled leather sandals and barefooted.

Kim1 Kim (23 photos) 21.06.2008
Kim is our latest foot model. She is an 18-year-old open minded girl with gorgeous soft soles and great looking toes. In her first photo set she is outdoors enjoying the sun on a park bench.

Anne1 Anne (32 photos) 21.06.2008
Anne is another beautiful new foot model with a great style and attitude. Here is a photo series of her outdoors in an abandoned warehouse landscape showing off her legs and dirty soles.

Saya + Judith videoclip 1 Saya and Judith (videoclip 2:07 min) 21.06.2008
Judith and Saya are both barefoot outdoors and start to give each other a foot rub with some lotion. They simultaneously massage the other`s soft soles with their fingers.

Fela videoclip 10 Fela (videoclip 5:44 min) 21.06.2008
Fela was our first foot model ever and shows off her beautiful bare soles. Here she is lying on a blanket outside and sticks her soft silky soles into the camera lens, spreading her toes a lot.

Janne1 Janne (33 photos) 06.06.2008
Janne is our latest foot model and she is a 24/7 barefoot girl as well, with beautiful tough soles and an amazing style. Watch her first set of a series as she walks the streets without shoes.

Uma2 Uma (20 photos) 06.06.2008
A new collection of pictures by real-life barefoot girl Uma as she walks the street of Padua and turns her great looking soles black & dirty. These great photos were taken by The Feetosopher.

Feet-per-View Contribution Pics by Feet-per-View (30 photos) 06.06.2008
A sweet mix of photos by the beauties of Feet-per-View showing off their bare soles, feet in socks, foot worship and crushing.

Allegra videoclip 1 Allegra (videoclip 5:00 min) 06.06.2008
A video clip that Allegra`s husband made of her while they were on a boat trip in Egypt. Her pretty toes play with some rope and she shows off her soles as well.

Rachel1 Rachel (32 photos) 28.05.2008
Rachel is our latest bombshell model her at Toes-in-Action. She has lucious long legs, great looking feet and a body to match. Her first set shows her in purple heel sandals.

Serena1 Serena (25 photos) 28.05.2008
Please welcome Serena, a lovely new foot model with soft soles and red polished toes. In her first set she is outdoors in flip flops and barefooted.


Janina (26 photos)

Another great set with Janina, this time during her afternoon shift in a billiard bar. If you love her long sexy toes make sure to check this out. And there`s more to come.

Shane1 Shane (40 photos) 21.05.2008
Shane is our latest barefoot punk foot-model with great looking soles. In her first set she is outdoors in flip flops but soon takes them off to stick her bare feet into the camera lens.

Stefania3 Stefania (30 photos) 21.05.2008
New photos of gorgeous Stefania walking barefoot in Venice on a beautiful spring day and showing you her perfect looking toes and soles. All pics were shot by The Feetosopher.


Phani and Angelina (24 photos)

Philippinian beauty Phani and her friend Angelina are both outdoors on a park bench and start to massage their sweet feet and still show you their pedicured toes and soft soles.

Lara1 Lara (24 photos) 14.05.2008
Lara is our latest model at Toes-in-Action and has some gorgeous smooth legs and beautiful feet. In her first photo set she is outdoors wearing some silver strappy heels.

Elexía1 Elexía (24 photos) 14.05.2008
We are honoured to introduce Elexía, our second new model this week. She has some sexy long toes and great looking smooth soles and wears a European size 44. Enjoy her pics.

Michelle4 Michelle (22 photos) 14.05.2008
Blonde beauty Michelle is outdoors and shows off her long lucious legs and orange polished toes and perfect soles.

Fela videoclip 9 Fela (videoclip 3:15 min) 14.05.2008
Another sweet video clip from beautiful Fela and her sweet soles. She sits down outdoors and takes off her sneakers and white socks to let you see her bare feet.

Allegra1 Allegra (32 photos) 06.05.2008
Please welcome our latest model Allegra and her breath-taking sexy toes and soles. In her first set she is on a boat during a diving trip and enjoys the hot sun. Enjoy her hot feet ;)

Violacea3 Violacea (20 photos) 06.05.2008
Barefoot beauty Violacea continues her barefoot tour of downtown Verona and shows you more of her lucious long legs, gorgeous toes and tough filthy soles.

Heike12 Heike (21 photos) 06.05.2008
Heike is outdoors on a park bench and looks so sexy in her purple dress and with her brown tanned legs and feet. She gives you some close-up views of her soles and toes.

Dita videoclip 3 Dita (videoclip 5:54 min) 06.05.2008
This great clip shows Dita taking a stroll in the harbour in her black flip flops. You get to see six minutes of her dark red polished toes and pretty feet in action.

Tia21 Tia (30 photos) 25.04.2008
Beautiful blonde Tia simply looks stunning in her short skirt and french pedicured toes. Here you get to see some photos of her feet in flip flops and of course barefooted.


Vikki (23 photos)

Here is a new gallery of dreadlocked beauty Vikki as she is outdoors barefoot. In this picture set she lets you see more of her ultra soft soles and red polished toes.

Tammy3 Tammy (26 photos) 25.04.2008
Real-life barefoot girl Tammy is outdoors in the park and shows off her tough natural bare feet, soles and extremely high arches.

Penelop videoclip 4 Penelop (videoclip 2:22 min) 25.04.2008
Penelop is out in her backyard and shows off her soft wrinkly soles. You get to see some good close-ups as she kneels on a garden chair and sticks her feet into the camera.

Mara7 Mara (29 photos) 17.04.2008
A new photo set of Mara and her sexy feet. She is dressed in jeans & a jeans jacket, and has her pretty toes polished dark purple...first in white flip flops and then barefooted.

Mandala1 Mandala (20 photos) 17.04.2008
Here is the first gallery by Mandala, a pretty Italian barefoot girl with a gothic touch. She toes are polished dark purple and her soles are black from walking about outdoors. All photos were taken by The Feetosopher.

Trishelle videoclip 1 Trishelle (videoclip 2:35 minutes) 17.04.2008
Trishelle from the Philippines has some of the prettiest toes out there and she has them perfectly pedicured with bright sparkly pink polish. You also get to see her arches and soft soles.

Amber videoclip 4 Amber (videoclip 2:39 min) 17.04.2008
Punk girl Amber is outdoors on her balcony and is lying on a deckchair. She takes off her shoes & socks and then puts foot jewellery onto her pretty feet.

Tia and Bianca videoclip 1 Tia and Bianca (videoclip 2:01 minutes) 17.04.2008
We got a request for a clip with some fingernail tapping and since Tia had just given her beautiful fingers a french manicure it was perfect to film her pretty hands.

Tatjana2 Tatjana (32 photos) 10.04.2008
Tatjana just loves posing for the camera and is outdoors on a beautiful summer day to show her feet in heels, flip flops and of course barefoot.


Verena (23 photos)

More of Verena as she walks around barefoot outdoors and gets her soles nice and dirty. She also has her jeans rolled up high and you can see her legs and calves.


Denise (17 photos)

Blonde beauty Denise is barefoot in the park and just loves to show you her soft soles, spread toes and purple polished nails.

Carmen21 Carmen (21 photos) 10.04.2008
Carmen is outdoors and wearing a skirt, fishnet stockings and pink leather boots. She takes off her shoes to reveal her red polished toes.

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