Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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Foot Lifestyle Contribution Pics by Foot Lifestyle (52 photos) 08.03.2007
Another potpourri of sexy barefoot pictures from the cute models of the Spanish website Foot Lifestyle. Beautiful girls-next-door with delicious soles & sweet toes enjoying the sun...what could be better?

Norma videoclip 1 Norma (videoclip 4:40 min) 08.03.2007
Norma is barefoot in jeans out in the park and gives herself a foot rub with lotion. Great close-ups of her pink toes and tender soles.

Carmen videoclip 4 Carmen (videoclip 3:15 min) 08.03.2007
An awesome crush video of Carmen crushing an entire watermelon with her bare feet and sexy red polished toes. This clip is usually sold in our store.

Angelina2 Angelina (17 photos) 22.02.2007
Elegant Angelina enjoys the warm sun on a sun bed in the park. Her soft & wrinkled soles and her pink polished toes look simply delicious.

Canadian Foot Babes Contribution by Canadian Foot Babes (32 photos) 22.02.2007
The models of Canadian Foot Babes have some of the prettiest feet & long toes on the entire net. Here`s a special mix of photos in this awesome contribution gallery.

Emily10 Emily (21 photos) 22.02.2007
Emily is dressed in blue jeans from head to toe and shows off her cute bare soles while she takes a rest on a blanket in the park.

Anna + Laura 11 Anna and Laura (28 photos) 15.02.2007
A great photo set of Anna and Laura`s delicious looking feet in flip flops, sandals and barefooted. Nice soles shots, too.

Abigail`s Feet Contribution Pics by Abigail`s Feet (32 photos) 15.02.2007
Abigail has some of the most perfectly shaped toes on the entire web. This gallery gives you an impression of her beautiful bare feet in different shoes & poses. Visit her website at Abigail`s Feet.

Inga2 Inga (17 photos) 15.02.2007
Inga shows off her slightly dusty soles in a park. Nice close ups and sweet wrinkles.

Salma + Jade 3 Jade and Salma (15 photos) 08.02.2007
This time Salma rubs lotion onto Jade`s delicate soles with her perfectly pedicured fingers. Some nice in-your-face shots of those beautiful soles.

Jeannine21 Jeannine (22 photos) 08.02.2007
In this set you get to see more of Jeannine`s red polished toes and lucious long legs while she is taking a rest at a monument.

Salma videoclip 2 Salma (videoclip 1:32 min) 08.02.2007
Salma is barefoot on a swing on a playground. She swings and stretches her soles out towards the camera...spreading, curling and pointing those toes french pedicured toes.

Amateur Girls Feet Contribution Pics by Amateur Girls Feet (54 photos) 01.02.2007
A great mix of awesome photos from the cute models of Amateur Girls Feet. In this gallery you can find sweet polished toes, soft soles, beautiful bare feet, multiple feet and loads of outdoors shots.

Heike7 Heike (37 photos) 01.02.2007
Bare city feet pt. 5 -- Heike continues walking through the city in her bare feet, getting her beautiful soles nice and dirty.

Penelop videoclip 3 Penelop (videoclip 1:54 min) 01.02.2007
Penelop is lying in her hammock in the garden and plays around with a rope using her cute toes and wrinkly soles.

Hilka2 Hilka (20 photos) 25.01.2007
Enjoy the lastest picture set of sporty Hilka and her sweet pedicured toes, soft soles and luscious legs.

Zoé17 Zoé (10 photos) 25.01.2007
While we were out in the park filming a new barefoot-in-public clip Zoe showed off her beautiful shiny blue toes and slightly dusty soles.

Judith5 Judith (19 photos) 25.01.2007
Barefoot in the city pt. 4 -- Judith sticks her feet up against a big mirror outside of a shop in the city. She plays around with her dirty soles and sparkly blue polished toes.

Lena7 Lena (16 photos) 25.01.2007
Lena is barefoot in jeans with orange nail polish and shows off her clean and then dirty soles while barefoot on a tree and down by the lake.

Jasmine2 Jasmine (29 photos) 19.01.2007
Jasmine`s beautiful slender soles and long toes out in the park. She has her toenails polished in bright sparkly blue and the camera gets real close to those scrumptious soles.

Nikita videoclip 1 Nikita (videoclip 3:44 min) 19.01.2007
This clip is usually sold in our video clip store as "Nikita`s Gorgeous Soles".

Norma2 Norma (15 photos) 19.01.2007
Norma has her toenails polished in black with small silver shiny glitter. She is on a slide on a playground and gives you a taste of her delicious soles and toes.

Liz videoclip 1 Liz (videoclip 3:07 min) 12.01.2007
This clip is usually sold in our video clip store as "Liz`s Toes and Sole Show". 18-year-old Liz shows off her sweet soles and red polished toes in the park.

Lily videoclip 1 Lily (videoclip 3:54 min) 12.01.2007
This clip is usually sold in our video clip store as "Lily Lotions her Feet". Her pretty toes are polished in red and you get to see close-ups of her soft soles.

Fela videoclip 6 Fela (videoclip 2:02 min) 12.01.2007
This clip is usually sold in our video clip store as "Fela`s Barefoot Kiwi Crush". She has her beautiful long toes polished black -- also check out her arches.

Sofie12 Sofie (21 photos) 02.01.2007
Sofie is barefoot in jeans out in the park and has her cute toes polished sparkly purple. She shows off her soles and toes, and also wears some wooden geta sandals.

Maria16 Maria (16 photos) 02.01.2007
Maria`s toes are polished a deep dark red and she has slightly dusty soles as she sits up on a tree trunk and plays with her feet.

Rike videoclip 4 Rike (videoclip 1:58 min) 02.01.2007
This clip is usually sold in our balloon video clips store as "Rike`s Barefoot Balloon Burst".

Salma + Jade 2 Salma and Jade (21 photos) 22.12.2006
Jade applies lotion to Salma`s gorgeous soles and spreads it with her perfectly manicured fingers. There are also more high quality photos of Salma`s toes and soles.


Crystal (16 photos)

Hot sizzling Crystal shows off her slender soles and long toes while barefoot outdoors on a wall. You get to see some great close-up shots of her awesome soles.

Tasha5 Tasha (16 photos) 22.12.2006
These are two sets in one...Tasha in her black flip flops and a photoset of her crushing a cigarette with her wooden open-toed sandals.

Heike videoclip 8 Heike (videoclip 4:02 min) 22.12.2006
This clip is usually sold in our store as "Heike`s Bubble Wrap Pop".

Michelle + Ananda 8 Michelle and Ananda (25 photos) 15.12.2006
A collection of different poses of Ananda and Michelle barefoot in jeans with their perfect red polished toes and soles visible.

Dita videoclip 1 Dita (videoclip 3:13 min) 15.12.2006
This clip is usually sold in our store as "Dita`s Soft Soles".

Kaya8 Kaya (17 photos) 15.12.2006
After Kaya walked through the entire city barefoot she sits down on a tree trunk in the park and shows her dirty black soles and long natural toes.

Aloha2 Aloha (19 photos) 07.12.2006
It`s a beautiful sunny summer day and Aloha is sitting in front of a meadow of flowers. Her lovely long legs looks amazing, as do her sweet purple polished toes.

Carmen18 Carmen (26 photos) 07.12.2006
Goth model Carmen is outdoors in a park wearing some sexy nylons and red boots. She slowly takes off her shoes and peels off her stockings, and then puts on some fishnets.

Jenny7 Jenny (16 photos) 07.12.2006
Jenny poses her bare feet on a park bench --- she is wearing jeans, a white top and has her toes polished dark red. Lots of photos of her lovely smooth soles.

Zoé and Celina 3 Zoé and Celina (19 photos) 24.11.2006
Zoé and Celina walk barefoot through the city pt. 3 -- Here they show their beautiful pink toes and dirty black soles near a small lake. Nice close-ups of their gorgeous soles and toes.

Candid50 Candid Street Feet pt. 50 (23 photos) 24.11.2006
Barefoot Special pt. 11 -- A collection of cool women walking barefoot in public and showing off their awesome black dirty soles.

Becky videoclip 1 Becky (videoclip 2:10 min) 24.11.2006
This crush clip is usually sold in the store as "Becky Crushes Oranges and Tomatoes".

Michelle2 Michelle (15 photos) 17.11.2006
Michelle`s gorgeous soles and orange polished toes while she is lying on a red blanket near a small pond. Just check out those fantastic looking wrinkles.

Tia17 Tia (31 photos) 17.11.2006
Tia shows off her perfect feet while barefoot in jeans in a local park. Her toes are polished dark red, almost black, and her beautiful soles are as soft as ever.

Hanna2 Hanna (15 photos) 17.11.2006
More of Hanna`s slender long soles in different scenarios -- in the park, in front of a hotel and on a bench. Also some photos of her feet in sandals.

Olga videoclip 1 Olga (videoclip 1:59 min) 09.11.2006
Sexy Olga sits on the sofa in a bikini and shows what her flexible toes can do...she opens her notebook, grabs a pen and writes something down...all with her perfect feet.

Sami5 Sami (23 photos) 09.11.2006
Sami`s absolutely perfect toes and soles on close-up display in the park. Just check out her gorgeous long toes and beautifully pedicured nails.

Emily videoclip 7 Emily (videoclip 2:24 min) 09.11.2006
This clip is usually sold in our store as "Emily`s Toes play with Marbles".

Eva videoclip 3 Eva (videoclip 2:41 min) 09.11.2006
This clip is usually sold in our store as "Eva`s Bubble Wrap Pop".

Luca1 Luca (17 photos) 18.10.2006
Our latest model Luca is Liz & Evey`s cousin and her feet, toes and soles are just a beautiful as theirs. Here`s a cute first photoset of Luca showing off her soft soles while posing on a public statue in the park.

Ananda6 Ananda (17 photos) 18.10.2006
Ananda shows off her hot pink toes and jewellery covered feet, and also her tough and slightly dirty soles while she is barefoot in jeans on the lawn.

Annette videoclip 3 Annette (videoclip 6:18 min) 18.10.2006
Annette inflates balloons and then bursts them with her feet. This clip is usually sold in our store as "Annette Pops Balloons" and is over six minutes long.

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