Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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Sheila6 Sheila (15 photos) 14.09.2012
Gorgeous dreadlocked barefoot queen Sheila is out and about in the city and has dirty soles from walking around without any shoes. In this set she is wearing a long African dress.

Sheila5 Sheila (17 photos) 14.09.2012
This was shot during the same photo session as the set above only Sheila is wearing a different outfit and is showing off her bare feet in different places. Here she is barefoot in jeans.


Bara (19 photos)

Bara shows off more of her wide, bare soles and her dark polished toes while outdoors on a sunny day.

Cecilia2 Cecilia (23 photos) 14.09.2012
Cute Cecilia continues her barefoot tour of Padua (Italy), stopping at a shoe shop, getting her soles filthier and filthier.. and proudly displaying them. All pics shot by The Feetosopher.

Serena5 Serena (12 photos) 14.09.2012
Serena is outdoors on a perfect summer day and smoking a cigarette. She places it on the floor and crushes it under her sandaled feet, twisting it into the floor until it is completely flat.

Dasha2 Dasha (23 photos) 09.09.2012
More of cute barefoot girl Dasha while outdoors in the city without any shoes. The camera captures photos of her perfectly pedicured toes and her dirty soles out on the streets.

Zoé32 Zoé (25 photos) 09.09.2012
Zoe is outdoors on a beautiful summer day and sticks her perfect bare soles into the camera lense to give you some close-up photos. You get to see every wrinkle on those lovely bare feet.

Rose7 Rose (35 photos) 09.09.2012
Lovely Rose is walking around barefoot in the park on an autumn day and shows you those long and slender toes and dirty soles.


Apple (26 photos)

In this photo set sweet Apple plays around with a bunch of balloons, shows off her (dirty) soles and then steps on two balloon clusters to make them all pop beneath her bare feet.

Tessi1 Tessi (21 photos) 02.09.2012
Tessi is a sweet barefoot friend of Martha (and a couple of future barefoot models) and she has some hardcore bare feet and tough soles. Here she is outside exploring the city streets.

Franzi1 Franzi (24 photos) 02.09.2012
Franzi is a new barefoot hippie model from our city and not only does she have great looking long, red dreadlocks but also a pair of gorgeous feet. Check out her pedicure and cute dirty soles.

Eyluh2 Eyluh (25 photos) 02.09.2012
The Feetosopher from Italy was on vacation in our city and his lovely model Eyluh accompanied him. She walked barefoot the entire days and we had the priviledge of shooting her gorgeous feet.

Liyah11 Liyah (22 photos) 02.09.2012
A new photo set of exotic beauty Liyah and her gorgeously pedicured pink toes and high arches. You get to see her soft soles in close-up on a perfect summer day.

Amapola1 Amapola (20 photos) 21.07.2012
Amapola heard about our website from a friend and wanted to model her natural bare feet. In this set you get some nice close-ups of her slightly dirty soles on a sunny summer's day.

Lo1 Lo (22 photos) 21.07.2012
Swedish punk girl Lo is barefoot in the streets of our neighbourhood and has her cute toes pedicured with sparkly blue polish, which fits perfectly to her blue dyed hair.

Giorgia5 Giorgia (20 photos) 21.07.2012
Hardcore barefoot girl Giorgia continues her tour of Verona, visiting the Old Castle and its fortified bridge, and proudly displays her tough, dirty soles. This set is from The Feetosopher.


Geraldine (12 photos)

Long toed beauty Geraldine is outdoors in summer and is wearing red polish on her pretty toes and a pair of gorgeous sandals, then takes them off and sports her bare soles & toes.


Janina (24 photos)

Janina shows you her super long, elegant and french pedicured toes in heeled sandals. There are some nice arch-photos as well. In case you're wondering about her hair: it was super windy!

Shirin + Citlali 4 Citlali and Shirin (22 photos) 05.07.2012
Hardcore barefoot girl Shirin is back with her rough & tough soles, together with her barefooted friend Citlali. After a rain shower the two girls continue walking around on the street.

Kim5 Kim (18 photos) 05.07.2012
18-year-old Kim is barefoot and blows up a few balloons to pop them under her feet. She jumps on them and slowly squishes the last one under her pedicured toes.

Janne4 Janne (20 photos) 05.07.2012
More photos of hippy barefoot beauty Janne and her beautiful, tough and dirty soles. In this collection of pics Janne is outdoors in the city and shows off her rough natural feet.

Sunny5 Sunny (25 photos) 15.06.2012
Sweet long legged Sunny shows off her soft soles and her purple polished toes outdoors in the park on a beautiful summer's day.

Hilka10 Hilka (19 photos) 15.06.2012
Super sexy blonde Hilka is outdoors and shows off her freshly pedicured toes in open-toed sandals and later barefooted with her sweet soles visible.


Paula (20 photos)

Here is another gallery of dreadlocked hippy beauty Paula barefooted in early autumn. In this gallery she is out in the park and shows off her black, dirty soles and purple polished toes.

Irie2 Irie (22 photos) 15.06.2012
Hard-soled hippie goddess Irie explores the harbor of Venice barefooted, and then heads towards a nearby multi-storey car parking. This gallery was shot by The Feeosopher from Italy.

Nina + Konia 1 Nina and Konia (24 photos) 29.05.2012
Summer time is barefoot hippy time in our city! Meet these two hippy girls Nina & Konia and their dirty black soles. If you like barefooted girls in long colourful dresses you'll love this set.

Dasha1 Dasha (23 photos) 29.05.2012
Dasha is another fresh sweet barefoot girl from our city and just left her shoes at home and has no problem walking around barefoot in the city streets. Just check out those sweet little feet.

Brit9 Brit (22 photos) 29.05.2012
Blonde beauty Brit is out to pop balloons and shows off her soles before she jumps on a big one with her bare feet. This gallery was shot a few years ago when Francesca first introduced us to Brit.

Violacea + Ermione 2 Violacea and Ermione (20 photos) 29.05.2012
Another great gallery of Violacea and her friend Ermione. The two ladies are walking around barefoot in Venice (Italy) and get their feet nice and dirty. All the photos were taken by The Feetosopher.

Paloma7 Paloma (20 photos) 18.05.2012
After having walked barefoot for hours Paloma's soles are nice and dirty. She shows them off in front of our studio and also her perfect blue polished long toes.

Nikita8 Nikita (25 photos) 18.05.2012
Exotic Persian beauty Nikita shows off more of her beautiful feet in open-toed summer sandals and barefooted with lots of sole shots. She is out in the city in this set.

Aloha videoclip 4 Aloha (videoclip 6:36 min) 18.05.2012
Six and a half minutes of Aloha's pretty feet, soles, arches and long toes. This clip is usually sold in our video store and is extremely popular.

Zoe videoclip 17 Zoe (videoclip 2:25 min) 18.05.2012
Zoe has her cute toes polished bright green and plays with an unpoppable rubber toy -- squishing it and rolling it around on the floor with her sweet bare feet.

Carmen25 Carmen (23 photos) 04.05.2012
New photos of gorgeous Carmen, one of the longest working foot models for Toes-in-Action. She has been showing off her pretty feet since 2003. Here you get to see her lovely toes & soles.

Kim4 Kim (24 photos) 04.05.2012
18-year-old Kim has taken off her sandals and enjoys the summer sun while presenting her sweet feet and red polished toes. You get to see her soles and close-ups of her toes.

Miriam9 Miriam (26 photos) 04.05.2012
Barefoot in the city pt. 4 -- Some more pictures of barefoot girl Miriam in the city showing off her dirty soles. These pics were shot together with The Feetosopher while he was over for a visit.


Paprika (23 photos)

Exquisite punk-gothic Paprika, a barefoot discovery by The Feetosopher from Italy walks around on the streets of Verona and has great filthy black soles afterwards.

Hilka9 Hilka (25 photos) 13.04.2012
Super sexy blonde Hilka is outdoors and shows off her freshly pedicured toes in white sandals and later barefooted. She has lovely trained legs and beautiful shapely soles.

Lotta6 Lotta (18 photos) 13.04.2012
Barefoot in the city pt. 5 -- Blonde beauty Lotta is barefoot outdoors near the football stadium in her dirty soles and natural toes. She also crushes a few wild flowers.


Tania (24 photos)

18-year-old Tania from Chile is outdoors and presents her clean bare feet in jeans. She gives you a taste of her sweet polished toes and her soft soles.


Verena (11 photos)

The last part of Verena's barefoot in the city photo series. Here are a few close-ups of her dirty soles and her natural toes.

Anchor1 Anchor (28 photos) 04.04.2012
Anchor is the latest hippy-punk barefoot girl on our site, and a true barefoot queen who is never seen with shoes in the streets. She really loves to pimp up her toes and feet ;-)

Irie1 Irie (20 photos) 04.04.2012
Another great barefoot model from Italy, discovered and shot by The Feetosopher. This time it is Irie, a hard-soled woman who walks the streets of Venice on a late summer day.

Trishelle6 Trishelle (24 photos) 04.04.2012
Trishelle is outdoors on a gorgeous summer day and shows you her perfect bare soles and pink polished toes in black sandals.

Candid52 Candid Street Feet pt. 52 (16 photos) 04.04.2012
A random woman was watching one of our outdoor photo sessions and asked about the balloon popping. She then agreed to pop some balloons with her bare feet and let us take photos.


Alicia (20 photos)

Alicia, one of our most popular models, is out in the park and also near the city hall and presents her cute soles and beautifully pedicured red toes.


Janina (26 photos)

Janina is barefoot outdoors with dirty soles and her long toes pedicured in pink. She also shows off her new sandals and crushes a burning cigarette with them.

Lulu2 Lulu (27 photos) 28.03.2012
More from The Feetosopher, the allmighty connoisseur for dirty sole girl photography. This time he brings us another gallery of long-toed Lulu who walks barefoot on an autumn day in Venice - Italy.

Lara4 Lara (12 photos) 28.03.2012
Lara is outdoors in jeans and shows off her sexy red polished toes and her silky soft wrinkly soles.

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